Jan 222014

The January meeting, with an attendance of 22, was a Show & Tell: Jean Walker showed 1938 Columbia covers, Dave Durbin showed naval covers, Rich Grant had autographed stamps, James Farley discussed engravers and designers, Denny had foreign stamps,  Dave Benish showed cancellations, including his “hall of shame” (heavy cancellations), and John Marquardt showed the Harris Stamp map of the United States, and more on antique sales and auctions, history, booklets, and obscure stuff. Precancels were also discussed and shown, and a catalog of bureau cancels.

In other news:

  • The Treasurer reports $15,012, and a reminder for members to pay dues if they have not already done so.
  • Chuck Barsamian says the Club usually has 2 sets of AP stamps (40 books); he needs a replacement for himself, as he is planning to end his management at the June meeting.
  • John Marquardt is now getting “Topical Times” publication and they can be viewed at meetings. Dave Benish says the American Topical Association has lots of materials to learn more and cheap association dues; their publication is worth getting.
  • The acquiring of Columbian Dollars:

$5 with newsletter
$25 if APS member
$10 for attendance at each meeting
$25 if you bring a guest
$10 bring a stamp lot (participate in a program)
$50 if you become an officer
$50 if you make a presentation

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